671nm ASP- SL DPSS Red, Single Longitude ModeLaser

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  • Wavelenght:  671nm
  • Power:  1-400mW
  • Operation Mode:  CW
  • M2 factor:  <1.2

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee 1 Year Extended Warranty

All solid state single longitudinal mode red laser at 671nm is made features of ultra compact, long lifetime, low cost and easy operating, which is used in DNA sequencing, flow cytometry, cell sorting, optical instrument, spectrum analysis, interference, measurement, holography, physics experiment, etc.




Output Power @ 25 ℃




Operation Mode


Transverse mode  TEM00
Longitudinal mode Single Longitude Mode
Warm-up time (minutes) <15
Power stability (rms, over 4 hours) <5%
M2 factor <1.2
Beam diameter at the aperture (mm) 2.0mm
Beam divergence, full angle (mrad) <1.5
Noise of amplitude (pk-pk, 1~20MHz) <0.5%
Coherent Length (m) >50m
Spectra Linewidth(nm) <0.0001
Polarization ratio >100:1
Point stability after warm-up (mrad) <0.05
Operating temperature 10℃~35℃
Dimensions of Laser head (mm) 212 × 88 × 74mm
Dimensions of power supply 238 x 146 x 94mm
Modulation None
Expected Operating Lifetime >10000 hours
Warranty time One year

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