Home Ready System with solar panel 10 Watts

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  • Portable Solar Lighting and Charging System
  • Solar Panel 10W, Batteries, 2 lamps, Chargers
  • USB Hub and Devices Connectors and Cable
  • Great for Educational Purposes.

US$ 150.00 150.0 USD

US$ 150.00

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee 1 Year Extended Warranty


  1. Lighting function: provides 12V of potential to power energy-saving lamps;
  2. Charging function: provides 5V of potential to charge common digital products (including mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, etc.)



  1. Mono/Poly high-efficiency solar panel: 10W, 18V, 5m connected cable, lifetime 25 years, Warranty 10 years
  2. Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries: 7Ah, 12V, life for 3 years;
  3. Energy-saving LED lamps: 2W, 12V, 2pcs, luminous flux can reach 200 lumens or more; 5m connecting cable;
  4. Controller details: rated dischargering current: 10A, chargering current:3A; PWM charge control makes high efficiency and little heating; back to differential discharge control avoid oscillation phenomenon;
  5. 10-in-1 USB cable, can charge most mobile phones and other digital products;
  6. AC adaptor: input AC110-230V, output DC15V2.4A
  7. Weight: 4Kg,  dimensions of the box: 440*350*170mm


Features & Benefits

  1. Charging and protection functions: the red LED on the panel, said charging. When the power switches opens under the sun, the red LED lights means charging.When the battery is full, LED lights automatically switch off
  2. Discharge and protection functions: the green LED on the panel shows a normal discharge. When the battery voltage is higher than the initial voltage, the green LED is lit, 12V lighting and 5.5V charge both output. When the battery voltage is lower than the protection voltage, the green LED  is extinguished, 12V lighting and 5.5V output of charging has no output
  3. Remaining electrical charge indication function: Three segmented yellow LEDs respectively indicate 30%, 60%, 100% of the battery's remaining charge
  4. 12V lighting and 5.5V charging function: Control panel has two cigarette lighter output ports, an output voltage of 12V, a current of 10A MAX, (not to be overloaded), two USB output ports, output voltages of 5.5V, a current of 500mA MAX, (not to be overloaded), all of the above output comes with overload protection.
  5. Charging time: 6 hours average (depending on weather)

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