Laser Head 266nm Passively ASP-SL-266-200-QS Ultraviolet

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  • Average Output Power: available from 50 to 200mW
  • Single Pulse Energy: available from 5 to 10 microjoules
  • Pulse Duration:15 nanosecond
  • Operating Mode:Frequency conversion Q-Switched Pulsed Laser

US$ 35000.00 35000.0 USD

US$ 35000.00

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee 1 Year Extended Warranty

Specifications 266nm Passively Q-Switched:

  1. Beam size: Elliptical(4:1) 2.0mm
  2. Repetition Rate: from 50 to 200kHz
  3. Transverse Mode:Near TEMoo
  4. Warranty 1 year

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